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Enhance The Performance Of Your Machines By Terberg Control Systems

Enhance The Performance Of Your Machines By Terberg Control Systems

Enhance The Performance Of Your Machines By Terberg Control Systems:

Terberg Control Systems was founded in 1940 and from that year started an inspiring journey of becoming the best among numerous control system developers. Initially, the Terberg was a washing machines selling company but gradually they jump into the controllers manufacturing business. Some years later, they became the leading control system manufacturers for Caterpillar generators. Their control panels and control distributorsbecame very popular in short period of time. It was chiefly because of the simplicity, advancement and efficiency of Terberg Control Systems. Today, they are proudly manufacturing control panels, MCC panels, LV panels for about each type of application like SCADA and other web-based monitoring systems.


Terberg Control Systems

Terberg Control Systems Has Simplified Everything:

Terberg Control Systems is famous for its simple and decent designs and engineering. However, how these control systems converted from complex to the simple ones is an interesting story. It all started some years back, when Terberg Control Systems was facing financial issues. The company held meetings with all its partners and there some important decisions were taken. The main goal of all discussions was to simplify everything. They began with simplifying their sales management which gave them fruitful result. Then, they went towards their engineering department and incorporated CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) in their work. They availed CAM for creating labels, wiring and boards. After successful trial, they linked all their logistics to this system which led to huge profit and success.

Automatic Operation Modes OfTerberg Control Systems:

Terberg Control Systems utilizes various operation modes with their control system but these three automatic operation modes are most widely used:

  • Automatic Control In Parallel With Utility:

The mode named as Automatic Control in Parallel with utility is specifically made for engines that are connected parallel with utility. This automatic control mode requires load request to become active. In this mode the power and load are handled and regulated by engine load / power factor controllers. These controllers keep them to the targeted value required by the system.

  • Automatic Control In Stand Alone Island:

When the operation mode is Automatic Control in Stand Alone Island, engine starts working in automatic mode. The load utilized in this mode is regulated by Stand Alone engine. In this mode, the frequency and voltage are kept at targeted value by engine voltage / frequency controller.

  • Automatic Control In Multiple Engine Island:

When the Automatic Control in Multiple Engine Island mode is active, it always keeps one engine running continuously. On the other hand, all other engines are started by bus bar load. In this mode the frequency and voltage are regulated by engine voltage/frequency controller. The reactive and real loads are equally shared by running engines for smooth operation.

Benefits OfTerberg Control Systems:

The Terberg Control Systems is greatly beneficial for its users because of:

  1. Its simple design and user friendly interface
  2. Its high quality products and service
  • Its reasonable price and durability
  1. Its effective machinery and processes

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