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Peculiar Features Of Caterpillar Electronic Ignition System

Anyone who owns a vehicle must be familiar with the word ‘Ignition System’. It is the most important and crucial part of every vehicle as it plays an essential role in running engines. As the name ‘Ignition’ suggests, it is apparently a system that ignites a fuel-air mixture by producing spark.

These days several brands are manufacturing electronic ignition systems but not all of them have succeeded in winning the heart of customers. Among few trusted brands of EIS manufacturers, Caterpillar (CAT) is also included. Caterpillar has been developing inspiring products since its origin. The Electronic Ignition System (EIS) developed by CAT is certainly remarkable because of its excellent features and performance.

How Caterpillar Electronic Ignition System Works?

Previously, the ignition systems used to have points and condensers for functioning. However, with the passage of time they were replaced by angular sensors. With this major replacement Mechanical Ignition Systems turned into Electronic Ignition Systems.

The CAT Electronic Ignition System starts working when its angular sensor becomes active. This activation reacts with rotating magnets connected to it. Then the output of sensor activates the switching device which ultimately produce current with the help of coil.

Important Specifications Of CAT Electronic Ignition System (EIS):

The CAT Electronic Ignition System has various important features that make it the first choice of vehicle owners. All these features also make it a highly appreciable and demanding product in the market. Some of these amazing specifications are following:

  • It remarkably controls the engine operation
  • It is a completely secure product that protect users from the dangers of explosion
  • It perfectly maintains accurate and suitable engine speed and spark timing which makes engine’s performance better and uninterrupted
  • It controls sparks for cylinders amazingly
  • It passes on power to the cylinder’s transformer which helps in regulating engine’s activity

Invention Of Electronic Ignition System:

The Electronic Ignition System was invented back in 1970s. The main reason behind this invention was the need of better mileage, integrity, stability and speediness of automobiles. Before Electronic Ignition Systems, Mechanical Ignition Systems were widely used.But they utilized point breakers which were able to deteriorate easily by mechanical pressure. The prevention and repairing of deterioration required regular maintenance and examination which could only be done by opening breakers. The Occasional servicing of point breakers, effected the timing of spark which ultimately disturbed the whole process of ignition.

Moreover, the contact of circuit breakers played key role in producing the spark voltage but this contact was not always constant which affected engine’s performance. These two main issues were also become reason for inventing new kind of ignition system which is more improved and advanced than the mechanical variant. After its invention, various companies started manufacturing it and Caterpillar Inc. is one of them.

The CAT Electronic Ignition System is indeed one of the best ignition systems in the market today. Anyone who faces daily engine issues should give it a try. It will surely not disappoint any customer.

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