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Woodward ProAct Integrated Actuator And Throttle

ProAct ISC

By What Means Woodward ProAct Integrated Actuator And Throttle Is Used:

When we look around, we found a wide range of actuators and throttle bodies by different brands. The renowned brand Woodward also manufactures various kinds of actuators and throttle bodies. Among all these, one popular product is Woodward ProAct Actuators with Integrated Speed Control and Throttle Body (PISC ITBs). The ProAct Integrated Actuator and Throttle belong to the P-series of Woodward. It is essentially a butterfly valve that is electrically actuated. It is used with the bore size of 85mm to 180mm range.

ProAct ISC

ProAct ISC

Employment Of Woodward ProAct Actuators with Integrated Speed Control and Throttle Body (PISC ITBs):

The Woodward ProAct Actuators with Integrated Speed Control and Throttle Body (PISC ITBs) is a valve that is specially designed for controlling the flow of gas fuel in engines. Its most essential feature is that a speed controller is also attached to it which helps in regulating the speed of flow of gas. These two important parts when work together, they ensure the smoothest and incessant gas flow. The PISC ITB can be manually configured if the requirement of specific settings is originated. Users can disable automatic speed control function anytime easily and then manually change its settings according to their need.

ProAct ITB

ProAct ITB

Discharging Static Electricity Is Necessary Before Using Woodward ProAct Integrated Actuator And Throttle:

It is always important to discharge the static electricity from our body before using or handling any electronic equipment. Basically, static electricity is the accumulation of imbalanced electric charges within or on the materials. Sometimes touching such materials can give u a powerful shock. Most of the electronic equipment build up static electricity and when we touch them we get a shock. In industries static electricity can be very dangerous. Hence, it is always vital to discharge static electricity before using electronic items.

The Woodward ProAct Actuators with Integrated Speed Control and Throttle Body (PISC ITBs) also require its user to eliminate static electricity before utilizing it. People can protect themselves from the hazards of static electricity by following ways:

  • First of all, always eliminate your body’s static electricity to ground by holding or putting your hands on any metal object that is linked to ground such as pipes, instruments, furniture etc.
  • Never keep things near your working area that can accumulate static electricity. These things include vinyl, plastic and Styrofoam objects.
  • Always wear cotton cloths while working on electronic or electrical things and prevent wearing synthetic cloths. Natural cotton cloths do not allow static build up where as synthetic cloths accumulate it on your body and lead to electric shock.
  • On the control cabinet, there is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that should not be removed until there is an essential need. If it becomes necessary to remove it for repairing or maintenance need then it should be handled very carefully. Try to touch only edges of the PCB. Never touch any part of PCB that can conduct electricity like any metal part, connector etc.
  • Always keep the PCB in antistatic plastic bag when removed from the control cabinet.

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