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Woodward Load Sharing Module-A Must Have For Your Generator Sets

Woodward Load Sharing Module-A Must Have For Your Generator Sets

For running two or more generators smoothly at the same time, a best quality load sharing module is required. Now-a-days, several companies are manufacturing load sharing modules with varied features and specifications. However, not all of them manage to get the customer satisfaction in terms of quality, durability and working efficiency. Thus, choosing a correct load sharing module has become essential for preventing future losses. One of the best load sharing modules obtainable in market today is Woodward Load Sharing Module. It is undoubtedly the best performing module with great beneficial features.

WoodWard Load Sharing Module

WoodWard Load Sharing Module

General Function Of Woodward Load Sharing Module:

Like other load sharing modules, the general function of Woodward Load Sharing Module is to supply equal amount of load to all the generators of a generator set. Basically, it balances the load among two or more generators that are connected parallel to each other. It works accurately by determining the load on each generator and then effectively balance it until all generators have same load. The synchronization brought by the load sharing module maintains lasting stability between system frequency and load. The Woodward Load Sharing Module could be utilized with Woodward products or with any other brand’s products as they work fine with majority of generator sets.

Appropriate Locations For Placement Of Woodward Load Sharing Module:

There are always some precautions for installing or placing a new electronic equipment. Likewise, Woodward Load Sharing Module should be installed after considering all important safety measures. Some important things to keep in mind before installing Woodward Load Sharing Module are following:

  • It should be placed somewhere, where there is enough space for repairing whenever required.
  • The place where load sharing module is installed, must be well ventilated so that it won’t heat up soon.
  • It should be placed at some distance from vibrating instruments.
  • Before installation, make sure there is no direct exposure to water or steam as they might damage the module by rusting.
  • The surrounding temperature of the Woodward Load Sharing Module must be in the range of –40 to +70 °C.
  • Keep high voltage devices away from the load sharing module.
  • The instruments or devices that produce electromagnetic interference must be kept at distance from the Woodward Load Sharing Module.
  • One most important thing is that the load sharing module cannot be placed on the engine itself instead it is needed to be installed near engine control units.

Fundamental Features Of Woodward Load Sharing Module:

The Woodward Load Sharing Modules has several vital features to serve its users. Some of them are given below:

  • It has 3 phase PT input that is 100–120 or 200–240 Vac line-to-line, 50–400


  • It also has 3 phase CT input which is 3–7 Arms at full load.
  • The minimum analog output range is ±3 Vdc.
  • The droop of load sharing module is capable of reducing speed from 0-10 % when it is between zero load and full load condition.
  • Its weight is approximately 1488 grams.

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