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Bypass Valve

Bypass Valve

An Overview Of Bypass Valve:

In the world of engineering many different kind of valves are found. Each of them have their own valuable features that make them stand out among the others. One of the widely used valve in engineering is bypass valve. As its name suggests, it is a kind of valve that avails a bypass for controlling the flow of liquids. The chief function of bypass valves is to prevent the harmful effects that can be caused by the pumping of low pressure pistons while a vehicle is moving.

Electric Actuator With Digital Driver

Electric Actuator With Digital Driver

Types Of Bypass Valves:

When it comes to types, the bypass valves are found in various different shapes and sizes. Thus, it could be said that bypass valves have many different types. For instance, pressure bypass valves are present in engine oil pump. The major responsibility of pressure bypass valve is to ensure safety in high pressure conditions. This is done by opening the exit for oil to returninto the reservoir when pressure exceeds the recommended limit. In this way the correct pressure is maintained in the engine oil pump and no damage is caused to the engine.

Another example of the bypass valve is the hydraulic bypass valve. It is also present in vehicles where it does the task of preventing brake fluid leakage. The hydraulic bypass valve is connected to the front and rear brakes of automobiles. If there is brake fluid leak in front brakes, the hydraulic bypass valve redirects the fluid to the rear brakes. This allows you to stop the car using the front brakes. Otherwise, leakage of brake oil in the front brakes could make it nonfunctional which could lead to horrible accident. In this way the hydraulic bypass valve works as a life saver for vehicle owners.

Working Of Pressure Relief Bypass Valve:

Basically, the relief bypass valve operates in two manners. The first way is direct acting and the second way is pilot operated. Each of these types are beneficial in their own way and are used with different machines and engines. Here, we are going to discuss the direct acting relief valve. This valve possesses an adjustable spring that is responsible for pressing the valve’s poppet. A knob is also present in the valve for adjusting the pressure of spring. The pressure limit has been set on the relief valve setting which keeps poppet in its seat until the pressure limit exceeds. Once the pressure rises above the spring setting, the poppet is pushed enough to leave its seat and allow liquid to pass into the reservoir which ultimately relieves pressure.

The reason why is pilot operated relief valve is not so widely used than the direct acting relief valve is that the direct acting bypass valve respond swiftly to the increased pressure. The quick response ability of this bypass valve prevent engine from damages and keep it in good condition for years. The direct acting relief valves are mostly utilized in industrial hydraulic systems.

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