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Electronics: A Wonder That Brings Ease to Everyday Life

Electronics: A Wonder That Brings Ease to Everyday Life

When we hear the word ‘electronics’, the first thing that strike our mind is numerous appliances, gadgets and machines that surround us all the time. The definition of electronics, on the other hand, is little bit different than what we imagine. Essentially, electronics is a branch of science that deals with the control of flowing electrons in electrical circuit. The devices that are used for controlling electrons possess diodes, resistors, semiconductors, switches and various other stuff. Electronics is closely associated with electrical engineering and physics.

Electronic Devices

How Electronic Devices Are Different Than Electrical Devices:

Many people often confused the terms electronics and electrical. They are related to each other but they are certainly not the same. The basic difference between the electronics and electrical devices is how each of them control the flow of electrons for making them do the required work. When it comes to electrical devices, their main task is to use the energy of electrical circuit and transform it into other form of energy like heat, motion, light and so on. Most common example of an electrical device is a microwave oven, in which the electrical energy is transformed into heat and helps in heating up our food. On the other hand, the electronic devices perform a more complex function. The electronic devices manipulate the electrons and make them do some complicated and amazing tasks. For instance, television is a most common electronic device that is found in almost every home today. In television the electrical energy is directed to work on images and sound and make them available for us to enjoy.

Benefits of Electronics:

We are living in a most advanced society today that is filled with countless electronic products. These electronic products are highly important for us as we completely rely on them for our daily needs. Some of the most essential electronics that play vital role in our lives include:

  • Mobile Phones: Mobile phones are undoubtedly an incredible gift of electronics. We use them not only for communication purposes but also for numerous other purposes like taking photos, listening audios, watching videos, internet surfing etc.
  • Computer: One invention of electronics that has altered our lives entirely is ‘computer’. Today, computers are found in almost every home, office and educational institution. They are used for a variety of purposes like playing games, watching movies, researching, learning, studying, socializing, marketing, businesses etc.
  • ATM: Another outstanding invention of electronics is ATM. It has a great influence on the lives of bank customers. Now, the bank account owners don’t have to make checks every now and then. In addition, they don’t have to wait in crowded conditions. ATM has made our life easier, as it allows us to withdraw money anytime and within seconds.
  • Digital Camera: Photos are loved by everyone but few years ago it was not very easy to take photos of every special moment. Moreover, getting those photos on paper was also very expensive. But, since the invention of digital camera, taking and keeping numerous photos has become possible. All thanks to advanced and latest electronics.

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