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Power Generation In Pakistan

Power Generation In Pakistan

Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, it has faced many challenges and overcome most of them. But, an unsolved topic still today in the timeline of Pakistan is electricity crisis. In Pakistan, the power generation capacity is nearly 22,000 MW which is not enough for lighten up all homes of the country. To get over this problem, Pakistan is starting new power generation projects and many of them are focusing on renewable sources.

Power Generation in Pakistan

How Power Generation Is Done?

Basically, electricity is produced by rotating a magnet in a metal coil which is done by a variety of methods. In order to supply electricity to whole country, very huge generators are used which possess very big magnets. Rotating these large magnets is quite difficult and requires lots of efforts. In hydro power plants, power generation is done by using water. First of all, dams are built on rivers and then the stored water is made to fall on turbine which is connected to magnet. Due to the pressure of water, turbine starts rotating and so does the magnet bound with it. In this way power generation is finally completed through water.

Besides water, power generation could also be done by steam which is obtained by burning fossil fuel, biomass or uranium. The overall method is exactly the same, just water is replaced by steam. By availing different fuels, water is boiled in a boiler and the steam produced by this method is used to move turbines. These methods of power generation that burn fuels for electricity production are known as Thermal Power Generation.

In Pakistan, about 14,635 MW electricity that is 64.2% of the total power generation is done by consuming fossil fuel (oil and gas). The power generation through water produces about 6,611 MW (29%) of total electrical energy. Pakistan also has nuclear power plant that uses uranium for generating electricity. However, the energy produced by uranium is only about 1,322 MW (5.8 %).

Renewable Sources Of Power Generation:

Nowadays, the usage of renewable sources for power generation is very trendy. As it is not only cheap but durable too. Also, consumption of renewable sources is the most environment friendly way of producing electricity as they don’t produce harmful gases and smoke. Renewable sources are those sources which are infinite that means they are not going to end unlike the fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal etc.) which will end sooner or later. Two best renewable sources for power generation are sunlight and wind. Because of the uncountable benefits of renewable energy many countries are planning to completely switch their power generation from fossil fuels to solar panels and wind turbines.

In Pakistan, we get about 9 hours of sunlight every day, which is good for producing solar energy. Our government is also taking interest in installation of solar power generation plants in different cities. Wind turbines are also set up in different districts of Pakistan and several new projects of wind turbines are in line. Hopefully, in few years, Pakistan will overcome the energy crisis by availing advanced ways of power generation.

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