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Amazing Features Of Caterpillar Digital Diagnostic Tool (CAT DDT)

Amazing Features Of Caterpillar Digital Diagnostic Tool (CAT DDT):

Caterpillar Inc. or CAT has been in the business of developing different diagnostic tools for many years. From the beginning, Caterpillar has tried to produce cost-effective, innovative and useful products. However, in the past, the diagnostic tools available in the market were not very cheap and durable. The stuff used in the manufacturing of old diagnostic tools was expensive and not easily available. The engineers of CAT Inc. were fully aware of the needs and problems of their customers. They worked hard for years and then manufactured easy to use and inexpensive diagnostic tools for their valuable customers. Among several CAT diagnostic tools, one valuable tool is DDT (Digital Diagnostic Tool).

The CAT DDT (Digital Diagnostic Tool) was designed to be availed with Caterpillar gas or diesel engines. It looks like a small calculator because it has got a keypad and LCD display. It is mostly found in black color. A cord cable for connecting it with vehicle’s engine also comes with it. In addition, a code booklet which is important for determining the meaning of DDT codes, also comes with it. With the help of cord cable, the CAT DDT can be connected at various locations on engine. Different locations diagnose problems of different engine parts. Four main locations to which CAT DDT can be connected are:

  1. Engine Supervisory System
  2. Air/Fuel Ratio Control (CSA)
  • Engine mounted terminal box
  1. Remote Control Panel (Status)

Uses Of CAT DDT or Digital Diagnostic Tool:

The Caterpillar Digital Diagnostic Tool is a highly efficient device that can be utilized anytime for diagnosing problems in automobile engine. When DDT is connected to vehicle’s engine, it detects different problems in it and then exhibit a code on the small LCD screen. The displayed code could be matched with the codes published in the instruction booklet and actual problem could be found out. Once the problem is identified users can repair it on their own if it is not very complex. Otherwise, help of a mechanic could be taken in case of complicated issues. Besides diagnosis, CAT DDT could also be used for performing timing calibration. Alterations in engine timing could make it difficult to function properly but with CAT DDT calibrating the engine timing becomes easy and quick. The CAT Digital Diagnostic Tool is also used for programing engine’s parameter specified by customers.

Benefits Of Caterpillar Digital Diagnostic Tool:

Caterpillar Digital Diagnostic Tool is an old device that is not compatible with modern computerized engines. However, old engines that cannot use modern diagnostic tools can utilize CAT DDT for diagnosing their engine problems. The CAT DDT is extremely easy to use and any common person can use it easily. It is small in size and lighter in weight because of rugged plastic body. Its users can keep it with them all the time for emergency needs. It is very accurate in diagnosing engine issues. It is also less expensive and works incessantly for years.

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