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An Amazing Fuel Metering Valve Tecjet 50 Plus

An Amazing Fuel Metering Valve Tecjet 50 Plus

An Amazing Fuel Metering Valve Tecjet 50 Plus:

Each engine requires uninterrupted and timely supply of fuel for working efficiently. A lot many things contribute in running engines smoothly. One essential stuff for controlling the flow of fuel in engines is fuel metering valve. A fuel metering valve is basically a mechanical stuff that has some sensors and electronics for regulating the fuel supply. Today, various influential and cheap fuel metering valves are circulating in market but not all of them meet the standard and quality as Tecject 50 Plus fuel metering valve does.


Tecjet 50 Plus is a remarkable fuel metering valve manufactured by Woodward. It can ideally be availed with any Woodward full authority gas engine control system. It is an electronic gas metering valve that is utilized with single point injector. A single point injector utilizes one injector for fuel introduction at throttle body. The Tecjet 50 Plus avails its integrated sensors and electronic parts for constant supply of stable fuel flow.

Working Of Tecjet 50 Plus:

Usually, separate engine control systems measure the appropriate amount of gas required for normal functioning by the help of various engines and parameters. Then by using CAN link the desired gas flow is sent to the Tecjet 50 Plus valve. Now, the fuel metering valve starts its duty of maintaining the desired gas flow and adjusting the fluctuation in gas temperature and pressure. Within the Tecjet 50 Plus valve, a microprocessor is also present which is designated to convert data of gas parameter and signal of desired gas flow into valve position. This conversion is done according to the gas temperature, gas intake pressure and pressure difference around the fuel metering valve.

Employment Of Tecjet 50 Plus:

The fuel metering valve Tecjet 50 Plus is applicable with gas engines that have specific gravity range of 0.4 to 1.6. However, it does not work unaccompanied, it requires the support of engine control system in order to operate gas engines effectively. The Tecjet 50 Plus can be used with the immobile applications that have a power range of 50 to 380 kW in case of propane or a range of 50 to 250 kW in case natural gas. The range of fuel flow through the fuel metering valve rely on fuel temperature, fuel pressure etc. The installation procedure of this valve is easy, users can avail computer for monitoring the whole  installation procedure.

Advantages Of Tecjet 50 Plus:

The fuel metering valve Tecjet 50 plus possesses several advantages that are witnessed by its users. Some of them are as follows:

  • It responds swiftly to all the signals it receives which helps in managing the load expeditiously keeping engine’s speed constant.
  • Its integrated CAN bus allows two directional communications with different control systems.
  • It has non-linear opening features that allows it to manage the gas flow at idle with precision and persistency.
  • Its amazing fuel controlling abilities lead to less fuel consumption.
  • It also lowers the amount of emissions.
  • It provides stable gas flow under all conditions.

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