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Utilization Of Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM)

Utilization Of Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM):

Woodward is famous for producing outstanding equipment and devices that are durable and reliable. It also manufactures generators, engines and their spare parts. One important production of Woodward is Load Sharing Module (LSM). Basically, a Load Sharing Module is responsible for equally dividing load among two or more generator sets. Woodward Load Sharing Module is designed for stabilizing load in multiple generators that are connected through parallel system.

How Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM) Works:

The Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM) works intelligently to proportionally distribute load of multiple generators. During this load sharing process, the frequency is kept constant. To avoid variations in frequency, one generator incessantly increases the power it generates, at the same time, the other interconnected generators will decrease the power they generate. This will lead to the continuous production of constant frequency. The Woodward Load Sharing Module is also designated to control the engine’s speed to prevent power differences among generators. The Load Sharing Module avails various different power control connections and droop for dividing load with utility’s main bus. It also measures the power provided to the main bus by generator. In this way the Load Sharing Module (LSM) ensures precise load management among all the connected generator sets.

Benefits Of Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM):

The Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM) serves the generators to provide the following benefits:

  • The Load Sharing Module (LSM) prevents overloading on each generator connecting parallel to each other.
  • The proportionally divided load stabilizes the whole system and prevent damages caused by overloading.
  • Load Sharing Module saves fuel in the generator sets connected in parallel way.
  • The Load Sharing Module improves the capability of generators for producing maximum power and running all appliances without interruption.
  • The Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM) also controls the reverse and forward power by monitoring the power closely.
  • The Load Sharing Module contains an integrated load anticipation circuit, that indicates about transient loads on generator immediately and make governor respond to it quickly.
  • The Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM) is a cost effective product with quality performance.

Notable Specifications Of Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM):

Some notable specifications of Woodward Load Sharing Module (LSM) includes, it can share load that is adjustable of ±2% between generator sets. When it comes to functioning, it uses droop, isochronous and power control for precise load management. The power output signal range of Load Sharing Module is 0 to 7.5 Volts where DC corresponding 0 to 100% load. Its DC supply range is about 18 to 36 VDC. Its DC power consumption in continuous working condition is 70 ma. It environmental temperature range is 40 to 175 ˚F. It can work in the relative humidity of 100 %. Its outer covering is corrosion proof and fungus resistant. The weight of Woodward Load Sharing Module is 2.36 Kgs. It vibrates at the rate of 1g at 20 to 100 Hz.

All these specifications make it a reliable and essential product to use with generators, particularly Caterpillar generators. Munfarid Engineering Services sells Load Sharing Modules at reasonable price, if anyone wants to purchase this amazing product please contact us on the provided contact details.

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