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10 Benefits Of Electronic Ignition System (EIS)

10 Benefits Of Electronic Ignition System (EIS):

In an automobile engine, igniting the fuel mixture is essential to run an engine. Since the beginning of vehicle manufacturing, engineers have tried various kinds of ignition systems to get the better performance. Some of the main types of ignition systems popular in the automobile industry are Mechanical or Conventional Ignition System, Electronic Ignition System and Distributorless Ignition System. Each of these ignition systems have their own importance and qualities. However, the Electronic Ignition System (EIS) possesses the most benefits over other two ignition systems.

Some significant benefits of Electronic Ignition System (EIS) are as follows:

  1. Produce High Secondary Voltage:

To produce high secondary voltage, an ignition system requires to carry increased primary current. The Electronic Ignition System has this power, as it carries increased primary current that develops high secondary voltage.

  1. Contacts Never Wear Out:

The Electronic Ignition System (EIS) does not have moving parts in its circuits. Moving parts of any machine always wear out when they grind against each other. Instead of moving parts, the Electronic Ignition System is regulated by solid state electronics.

  1. Frequent Maintenance Is Not Required:

As the Electronic Ignition System, does not wear easily, it does not require maintenance so often unlike other ignition systems, for instance, Conventional Ignition System.

  1. Works Readily On High Voltage System:

The Electronic Ignition System (EIS) works on quite high voltage systems like 6 or 12 volt systems.

  1. Creates Powerful Sparks:

The Electronic Ignition System works efficiently to produce powerful sparks by operating high energy ignition coil. These powerful sparks are important because they help in starting engine in the first attempt. The Electronic Ignition System also has ability to improve the existing spark which makes it a more reliable ignition system.

  1. Works On Time:

The Electronic Ignition System (EIS) works amazingly as all its operations are carried out on time. It produces strong spark instantly which leads to burning of fuel mixture at optimal time. This timely functioning of Electronic Ignition System results in cleaner burn and improved engine power.

  1. Excellent and Preferred For Environment:

The Electronic Ignition System (EIS) is better for environment as compared to mechanical ignition system due to its operational improvements. It requires less fuel for engine running and it produce clean burn which makes environment less polluted. It reduces the harmful emissions from the vehicle and hence preferred in most automobiles.

  1. Increases Mileage Remarkably:

The Electronic Ignition System (EIS) increases the mileage of a vehicle dramatically. It consumes lesser fuel per kilometer than other ignition systems and thereby saves fuel. In this way, the Electronic Ignition System is an ecofriendly device.

  1. Better Cooling And Heat Sink:

The Electronic Ignition System is manufactured by considering latest technologies and methodologies to make it more suitable in every way. It is equipped with such tools and electronics that makes it easy to withstand heat and cool down easily and rapidly.

  1. Cheap In Price:

The Electronic Ignition System is not an expensive thing which makes it affordable for everyone.

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