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Bypass Valve All You Need To Know

When we think about engines, the first things that come into our minds are radiators, thermostat, ignition, control panels etc. but what never comes in our minds are the valves. The term ‘valve’ may seem insignificant and of less importance but it is one of the most important and essential part of engines. An engine utilizes various kinds of valves to control the flow of fluids effectively. However, one important valve that is always found in engines is ‘Bypass Valve’. A Bypass Valve is installed in a bypass pipeline for ensuring the constant flow of fluids.

Purpose Of Installing Bypass Valve In An Engine:

Bypass Valve are inserted in the bypass piping of engine for some reasons. Before the installation of a Bypass Valve, we must know the reason of its installation so that we put the appropriate Bypass Valve in the pipeline. Basically, the Bypass Valves are needed for two main purposes:

  • Firstly, the Bypass Valves are usually installed in an engine to supplement the performance of other valves such as pressure relief valves or steam trap valves.
  • Secondly, the Bypass Valve are also installed in an engine as a backup valve. The Bypass Valves serve as backup valves when the pressure reducing valves or steam trap valves suddenly stopped functioning or when they are shut down for repairing or replacing services. In these cases, the Bypass Valve continues the flow of fluids by providing them a new track.

How Pressure Relief Bypass Valve Works?

Sometimes, the pressure of flowing fluid increases abruptly in the engine or other pumping machines. The increased pressure of fluid is dangerous for the equipment in which it is flowing as it can damage the parts or whole of the equipment. To prevent these kind of unwanted destruction’s, a Pressure Relief Bypass Valve is usually installed in the piping. The Pressure Relief Bypass valve is activated when the system’s pressure exceeds the predetermined set pressure. The exact procedure involves opening of the Pressure Relief Bypass Valve that allows fluid to return to the system through a bypass track. The passage of the bypass valve remains open until the pressure of the system returns to normal. Afterwards, the Pressure Relief Bypass Valve closes itself and allow fluid to flow normally at its original path. This simple process is highly important and valuable as it protects the system from rupturing.

Advantages Of Availing A Bypass Valve:

A Bypass Valve has several advantages. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The Bypass Valves are usually easy to handle and can be installed by anyone easily.
  • The Bypass Valves are not very expensive. Their reasonable price make it affordable for everyone.
  • The Bypass Valves are very useful in regulating the pressure of the system.
  • The Bypass Valves prevent the engine from getting harm by reducing increased pressure at the correct time.
  • The Bypass Valves are durable and can be availed for many years without servicing.
  • The Bypass Valves are leak proof when they are fully closed.

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