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Digital Diagnostic Tool (CAT DDT)

Digital Diagnostic Tool (CAT DDT)

Caterpillar Brings Innovation to Diagnostic World -Digital Diagnostic Tool (CAT DDT):

Caterpillar Incorporation is famous for its innovation and modernization in the field of heavy machinery like power generators, earth moving equipment and other alike products. While it is increasingly improving its standard in the design and manufacturing of these equipment, it is also moving forward in the business of design & development of better and more reliable diagnostic tools. The diagnostic tools offered by CAT are durable, affordable and have longer life span. They have special protective lining to keep them intact for several years. DDT or Digital Diagnostic tool is one the many valuable diagnostic tools offered under the umbrella of CAT Inc. DDT is indiscriminately used with Caterpillar engines (Gas type/Diesel Type) to diagnose any of the prominent or disguised problems in the engine.

Parts of Digital Diagnostic Tool (DDT):

DDT is a small black-colored device that is portable and can be taken anywhere for the purpose of diagnosis. This small handheld device is easy to use as its keypad and digital screen is similar to old cellphones or simple calculator. The device can easily be taken to the faulty machine and can easily be plugged in with the machine by its cord cable. The device comes with a small guide often called a Code booklet that guides the DDT user to understand and decode the meanings of the displayed codes. In short, DDT is a compact and all-in-all device.

How DDT diagnose problems and assist repairing:

DDT is not a tool to diagnose fault in any one dedicated part of the engine, rather it is a versatile tool to diagnose problems in variety of regions in an engine. With the help of its cord cable, it can easily be connected to any of the region including remote control panel, Air/fuel ratio control, engine supervisory system and engine mounted terminal box. This way it accurately and precisely detects the problem associated with that particular region and this reduces the repairing time.

When it is connected to the particular engine region via cord cable, its LCD displays a special code corresponding to the fault. The User or Machine Operator notes down the code and refer the DDT manual to decode the code. The manual gives detailed information about the fault associated with the code generated by DDT meter. This way DDT diagnose any of the myriad engines problems. DDT makes it easy for the machine operator to self-diagnose the machine without asking for specialize mechanics help.

Uses of Digital Diagnostic Tool:

  • To easily and accurately diagnose engine problems
  • To shorten repairing time
  • To perform time calibration of the engine
  • To configure and reconfigure engine’s parameters and particulars as per the customer

Munfarid Engineering Services:

The valuable diagnostic device that is well compatible with old CAT Engines is available at an affordable price in Munfarid Engineering Services. We deal in new and used DDTs and provide its repairing services. Munfarid Engineering Services has unique and remarkable expertise in repairing all the minor and major problems of any of the model of CAT DDT.


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