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Any valve that is electromechanically controlled can be broadly categorized as a Solenoid Valve. This special type of valve, that is used to control the flow of fluid, is electrically controlled by an electric current flowing through a coil called solenoid. The flow of electric current energizes the coil which in turn opens the valve by the effect of magnetic field. Conversely, as the coil de-energizes, it closes the valve. By the application of this simple principle of physics, solenoid valve operates and makes the life of operating personnel easy.

Parts of Solenoid Valve:

The Solenoid subassembly consists of a coil clip which is also known as retaining clip. It also includes a solenoid coil that provides magnetic path to the magnetic circuit. Moreover, the core tube or armature tube is also used in solenoid valve as a special guide assembly. The main core also called armature is used as an attracting part of solenoid. Other than these, solenoid subassembly also contains shading ring and core spring.

Washers, bonnet, diaphragm, core tube and valve body also constitute the essential parts of a solenoid valve.

As we energize the solenoid, it moves the magnetic component that is the core or the plunger. This core is on the same axis with the solenoid. It is the movement of core that makes or breaks the valve’s seals to control the flow of fluid. As the solenoid is de-energized, the core comes back to its original initial position.

The solenoid coil is made up of many copper wireturns that surround the core tube and causes the movement of the core. This coil also has an iron frame to provide a low resistance magnetic path.

Uses of Solenoid Valve:

The myriad features of Solenoid valve includes fast switching, low power consumption, compact size, better reliability and longer life. These features make the solenoid compatible to be used in various domestic and industrial applications.

Domestic Uses:

  • Solenoid valves are used to control the amount of water flowing in and out of domestic washing machines and dishwashers
  • Solenoid Valves also control the water flow in household water purifiers

Industrial or Large Scale Uses:

  • Solenoid valves complemented with spontaneous controller are used in Automaticsprinkler systems for irrigation
  • Fluid powerhydraulic and pneumatic systems also use solenoid valves to regulate different cylinders, bigger industrial valves and fluid power motors
  • Paintball industries use solenoid valve to control the special valve which is particularly used to control the propellant.

In short, solenoid valves find their applications in almost every walk of life from domestic areas to industrial plants. They also serve their role in applications like calibration and testing stands, control loops, general on-off systems, process control etc.


Munfarid Engineering Services:

Munfarid Engineering Services deal in all types of solenoid valves including any of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way valves. We offer new and old solenoid valves, at affordable price, that control the fluid flow in different control systems that ultimately impact lot of individuals. Munfarid Engineering services also repair all type of solenoid valves and have expertise to quickly troubleshoot any of the faults in any of its parts.

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