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Causes of Defective Or Bad Throttle Body

Causes of Defective Or Bad Throttle Body

Causes of Defective Or Bad Throttle Body:

In general term, ‘throttle’ is a process by which flow of fluid is directed by an obstruction. The throttle body or throttle valve performs similar function. It is responsible for regulation of the air/fuel mixture and supply it to the engine. The throttle body is found in all kinds of engine except the diesel engine. However, the latest diesel engines rely on throttling process for controlling the intake air for accurate flow and recirculation.

If we analyze the modern fuel injected cars of this era, we could see that the throttle body is one of the most important part of the air intake system.  The main function of the throttle body is to manage the amount of air flows into the engine. The quantity of air and working of throttle body depends on the pressing of accelerator pedal. If the accelerator pedal is pressed strongly then the throttle body will allow more air to reach the engine. On the other hand, if it is pressed lightly then throttle body will allow less air to enter the engine.

The proper functioning of throttle body is essential to keep your vehicle run smoothly and incessantly. However, if there is any problem or malfunction in the throttle body, it can affect the performance of your vehicle. So, it is important to keep an eye on the causes that affects the potential of your car.

Some common causes of throttle body failure or malfunction are following:

  • Defects in Electrical Connections:

Sometimes the electrical connections of engine get defective which results in incorrect information to be transferred to the automobile’s computer. The wrong information causes throttle body to produce wrong ratio of air and fuel which ultimately affects the performance of your vehicle and make them work slowly.

  • Deposits of Carbon, Grease or Dirt:

A most common problem seen in vehicles is the deposition of carbon, dirt or grease in the housing of the engine. This deposition causes obstructions in the flow of air/fuel mixture. Sometimes, these deposits are also occurred in the throttle body which makes its surface rough and narrows the path of air/fuel mixture. These deposits lead to imbalance of air and fuel which makes vehicle difficult to accelerate and start.

  • Stalling and Low Idle:

When the throttle body is out of order, the most common and easily detectable sign is stalling of vehicle. You may notice the low idle while starting or stopping the engine. Even if the throttle is quickly pressed, the stalling will be witnessed.

  • Inaccurately Adjusted Throttle Stop or Vacuum Leaks:

Sometimes there are pressure issues in the throttle body caused by the leakage in vacuum which disrupts the air and fuel mixture and makes the flow imbalanced. Apart from vacuum leak, the pressure issues could also be caused by improperly aligned throttle stop. The throttle stop is a part of the throttle body that works as a porter and develops a minimum and maximum position for the throttle body plate to be shut or opened.


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