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The TecJet 50 Plus

The TecJet 50 Plus

An Intelligent Electronic Gas Metering Valve: The TecJet 50 Plus:

When we think of purchasing a fuel metering valve, numerous renowned brands came into our mind immediately. The huge availability of fuel metering valves makes us perplexed about what to choose and how to choose. This confusion is going to go away as we have an exceptional solution to your problem i.e. Tecjet 50 Plus. Basically, the Tecjet 50 Plus is a gas metering valve manufactured by the famous company Woodward. It is an intellectually designed gas metering valve that can regulate and control the flow of gas precisely.

Major Functions OfTecjet 50 Plus Gas Metering Valve:

The Tecjet 50 Plus gas metering valve is composed of latest and advanced electronics and sensors. These modern and unique components make it the most accurate and fast gas metering valve. The Tecjet 50 Plus mainly controls the rate of flow of gas and keep it constant throughout the process. It starts working when a separate engine regulatory system measures the gas flow from various engine and gas parameters. Afterwards the required gas flow is conveyed to the Tecjet 50 Plus gas metering valve through a CAN link. Now, the Tecjet 50 Plus makes it certain that the required gas flow is maintained during the whole process. At the same time, the Tecjet 50 Plus also automatically makes up the alterations in gas temperature and gas pressure.

Advantages Of Using Tecjet 50 Plus Valve:

The Tecjet 50 Plus is a latest designed valve that is made as per the current engine models. It can be utilized with all kind of modern gas engines for measuring and regulating the flow of fuel. Its modern design and electronics gives the following advantages to its users:

  • Can Be Availed With Many Gas Qualities: First of all, the Tecjet 50 Plus valve is constituted in a way that it can be availed be a variety of gasses like, propane, natural gas etc. So, users can freely use it with most of the gases.
  • Simple User Interface: Another best quality of the Tecjet 50 Plus gas metering valve is that it has a simple and easy to use interface. This makes it comfortable for users to input data and analyze data anytime readily.
  • Make Exact And Correct Measurements: The most promising benefit of using Tecjet 50 Plus is that it ensures providing correct and accurate calculations every time.
  • Quick To Function: The Tecjet 50 Plus fuel metering valve functions speedily. As soon as it receives flow commands, it starts responding to them. This speedy response helps in maintaining engine speed by accepting huge loads instantly.
  • High Turn-Down Ratio: The Tecjet 50 Plus gas metering valve has high turn-down ratio. This aids Tecjet 50 Plus to be utilized with various fuel flow requirements.
  • Desired Gas Flow Is Achieved: The Tecjet 50 Plus fuel metering valve consist a microcomputer that works as a converter and changes gas parameter data and signals of required gas flow into a valve position. In this way it ensures the accurate and specified gas flow.

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