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The TecJet 52 Plus

The TecJet 52 Plus

Tecjet 52 Plus: A Gas Regulation And Metering Valve By Woodward:

In the world of engines and valves, everyone recognizes the name Woodward. It is a company that has been producing high quality products like Integrated Cockpit Controls, Primary Flight Controls, Secondary Flight Controls, Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuators, Main and Tail Rotor Actuators, Tilt Rotor Actuation, Boost Actuators etc. since 1870. All the products of Woodward are in high demand in the market due to their reliability and durability. A range of fuel metering valve for gaseous engines is also developed by Woodward with the name Tecjet. Here, we are going to discuss about one of the most commonly used Tecjet valve called Tecjet 52 Plus.

About Tecjet 52 Plus Valve:

Tecjet 52 Plus is a gaseous fuel metering valve and actuator with the size 52 mm. It is a single point injecting butterfly valve. It is equipped with integrated electronics and sensor which work together to provide accurate gas flow measurements. The main task of internal sensors is to measure the temperature, pressure and valve differential pressure. The measurements of internal sensors are used to regulate the mass flow rate of gasses as per the specified instructions. A Model-based position controller software is also linked with the Tecjet 52 valve with the help of a PC. The chief function of this software is to position the valve in accordance with specified values and calculations.

Salient Features Of Tecjet 52 Plus Valve And Actuator:

In this age and time, everything around us is of latest fashion and developed with the advanced technology. The new gaseous engines are also made from advanced technology and methods. These advanced engines require advanced metering valves to function properly. The Tecjet 52 Plus is a up-to-date gas metering valve that is furnished with modern electronics and sensors.

The highlighted features of Tecjet 52 Plus gas metering valve and actuator are as follows:

  • The maximum geometric area covered by Tecjet 52 Plus actuator is 1310 mm².
  • The input voltage range of Tecjet 52 Plus valve is 18–32 Vdc.
  • The input current range of tecjet 52 Plus Valve is 3.75 A @ 24 Vdc transient and 1 A @ 24 Vdc steady state.
  • Its temperature range for long term storage is –40 to +40 °C.
  • Its temperature range for short term storage is –40 to +105 °C.
  • The temperature range of Tecjet 52 Plus for fuel gas inlet is 0 to +85 °C.
  • The temperature range of Tecjet 52 Plus for steady state ambient is –20 to +85 °C.
  • Its pressure range for fuel gas inlet is 876 to 1289 mbar absolute.
  • Its pressure range for inlet to outlet delta is 69 to 345 mbar.
  • The weight of Tecjet 52 Plus actuator ad valve is 17 kg.
  • The size of Tecjet 52 Plus valve is 52 mm.
  • Its random vibration range is 10–2000 Hz @ 0.1 G²/Hz.

All these useful features of Tecjet 52 Plus actuator and valve makes it one of the best valves to avail with gaseous engines.

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