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A new road leading to Generator’s Rental Service

Munfarid Engineering Services: A new road leading to Generator’s Rental Service

Have you ever wondered any of your life’s important event without Electricity? Darkness, when the things need to be brightened; sweating when the people need to look fresh; panic situations when the environment demands joyfulness. The sudden power outage has far broader implications than just spoiling the event. The mass production stops, hospital operations affected, perishable food spoils, credit card transactions rendered inoperable etc. these are all the severe consequences of power breakdown.

In light of these troublesome power failure implications, Munfarid Engineering Services is coming on the righteous way to fulfil its foremost responsibility of serving its customers. On our work anniversary, we are launching this new ‘Generator’s Rental Service Department’.

Munfarid Engineering Services, keeping valuable customer’s needs in mind, offers myriad types of generators for any period of time. Whether you need to cover a one day event, a one week program or a one month or longer task, Munfarid Engineering is always there to provide you uninterrupted and reliable power supply through its Generator Rental Service at the most affordable price.

From a small household generator (below 15KVA) to a large industrial generator (up to 1250KVA and beyond); from the traditional diesel generator to the modern gas engine generator, we have all the ranges and types to suit your requirement. We are able to offer you the best of the generators according to your needs, events, necessities and particular requirements.

Renting a Generator from Munfarid Engineering Service:

Renting a generator from Munfarid Engineering can be fruitful in many ways:


All our generators and its accessories are well inspected, well tested and well maintained. Our engineers make sure to re-inspect the entire machine prior to renting it out to its customers.

No CAPEX, No OPEX – Only Timely Rent:

By taking a generator at the time of need, saves you thousands of bucks. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars on an equipment that is occasionally needed. Buying such an equipment will not only costyou CAPEX but it will also cost you thousands of dollars on OPEX as the equipment needs timely maintenance. Renting a generator when it is needed is the best option being offered by Munfarid Engineering Service.

Complete Package Solution:

Our package not only includes a Genset but we offer all in all solution. Our package includes a generator with all accessories, consumables, product support and the operator.

Responsive Service:

Unlike other rental services of town, our service is way too responsive and immediate. With a single phone call, you can avail the best of our service in smallest possible time. Not only does we receive the order and supply the generator on time, but we also answer all your operational queries as fast as possible.


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity to keep light in your life. Just book a rental generator beforehand. Dial our number +92 300 2484010 or contact on Our customer care department is always there to give you timely response and help you brighten your life.


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