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Diagnosis And Repairing Of Tecjet 110 Fuel Valve


A gas metering valve by Woodward named as Tecjet 110 valve is undoubtedly an amazing product for latest engines. It is splendidly designed to meet the needs of efficient gas flow within the engine. The Tecjet 110 gas metering system regulates and meters the flow of gaseous fuel accurately and flawlessly. It controls the gas flow according to the fuel rate demand signal it receives. It is also equipped with feedback sensors that informs about the fuel temperature, pressure and valve pressure differential. By inferencing the sensor signal, the Tecjet 110 valve opens and allow specific amount of gas to flow through it.



Diagnosis Of Different Problems In Tecjet 110 Fuel Metering Valve:

One highly useful feature of Tecjet 110 Fuel Metering Valve is that it constantly does the different diagnostic checks. It displays the diagnostic results in the form of warnings, errors or status indications.

When Tecjet 110 valve diagnose something as warning, it means that the operator needs to perform some action. For instance, some failure has taken place which can only be repaired or corrected by the operator. Sometimes, operator can switch to a back-up that can keep engine going but with lesser efficiency.

When the diagnosis is done in the form of error, it probably means that something is hindering the valve from functioning. In this situation, the Tecjet 110 Fuel Metering Valve closes and does not allow gas to pass through it. If this problem persists, the professional help is required for the repairing of the valve.

The Tecjet 110 valve also diagnoses the problems in the form of status indications. These status indications are following:

  • Zero Pressure Detected: When the pressure in the valve is zero, it will be closed and gas flow will stop. The status output will become ‘off’.
  • Zero Flow Detected: When the flow demand is not valid or the required amount of fuel is not reached then the valve will be closed. The status output will become ‘off’.
  • Flow Not Reached: If the operating conditions do not support to give demanded gas flow then the fuel metering valve will be closed and status output will become ‘off’.
  • Overall Status OK: When there is no error or warning or if the errors were wrong then the status output will become ‘on’.

Troubleshooting And Repairing Of Tecjet 110 Gas Metering Valve:

The diagnostic indications help in finding out the problems within the valve. Some of these problems can be troubleshot easily by the operator. However, if the problem continues or it cannot be troubleshot then the professional help of a technician is recommended for repairing. Some of the troubleshooting tips are:

  • When the ‘Flow Not Reached’ status appears, check the filters and other parts of the valve and make sure that they are clean and working properly. Also check if the gas inlet pressure is correct or not. Wrong valve sizing or incorrect gas parameter could also cause this problem.
  • When ‘Analog Flow Demand High’ warning appears, examine the analog input wiring as it could be broken, short or lost contact. It could also occur, when the analog input current is not in range so check that also. After finding out the real cause, try to fix it.

There are various other similar issues that commonly occur in the Tecjet 110 valve but not all of them are easy to resolve. To get repaired those difficult issues rapidly, feel comfortable to contact best technicians in your town like Munfarid Engineering Services.

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