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EIS (Electronic Ignition System) Repairing

How Electronic Ignition System works

Automobile engines have variety of operating mechanisms. Some are traditional, mechanically operated while others are modern, electronic based. Both the types have their own pros and cons. However, electronic mechanisms have taken over the conventional systems due to their rapidness, preciseness and cost effectiveness.

How Electronic Ignition System works?

The basic goal of any ignition system is to ignite the spark gap. This ignition is precisely achieved using the electronic ignition system. In electronic ignition system, the usual electronic devices including sensor & transistors are used to produce electrical pulses, these pulses in form of voltage are then applied to the spark plug for ignition and thus the internal combustion engine kicks in. This is the basic criteria of operation of an electronic ignition system.

How Electronic Ignition System works

How Electronic Ignition System works

Electronic Ignition System EIS consists of two circuit namely primary circuit and secondary circuit. The primary circuit has primary winding that receives the full battery voltage. The battery supplies current to the primary coil through ignition switch. The secondary circuit has secondary winding in which high voltage is induced as a result of collapsing of primary circuit magnetic field. This high voltage of secondary coil applies to the spark plug and causes the flow of current in its air gap and this results in electronic ignition.

Problems faced by EIS:

Electronic systems are too delicate and are prone to many problems. There are many issues that may be associated with Electronic Ignition System. Some of which includes:

·        Cracking and breaking of plug wire:

Often times, the plug wire malfunctions. It sometimes breaks contact and disconnects the path. It may also malfunction owing to the accumulation of moisture and carbon. The wire resistance test is recommended to diagnose such plug wire related problems.

·        Ignition coil malfunctioning:

Sometimes, the ignition coil fails and creates problem for the engine. When an ignition coil fails, there is no way to start the engine without its repair.

·        Pick up coil malfunctioning:

Just like any coil, pick up coil malfunctions too. There may be any break in coil continuity or there may be short circuit in the winding. Resistance tests and scope analysis may help to diagnose coil related issues.

·        Ignition Module problem:

Often the ignition module breaks down and causes headache for the driver. No simple test diagnoses the ignition module problem.


These are some of the very common problems associated with electronic ignition system. The diagnoses and repairing of these problems require high quality equipment including ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeteretc. with a blend of highly skilled professionals and technicians.

Munfarid Engineering Service:

Munfarid Engineering Services, with its box of hundreds of quality tools and its team of hundreds of highly skilled personnel provides timely solution to all types of EIS related problems. Our services are spread all over the city and our timely reach is our promise. We provide all sort of repairing services and solutions for electronic ignition systems and are readily available on time.

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