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Raptor (Fuel Metering Valve) Repairing

Raptor (Fuel Metering Valve) Repairing

Raptor (Fuel Metering Valve) Repairing

Like myriad valuable valves and engine components, fuel metering valve is of immense importance. The RAPTOR fuel metering valve is the one that is designed to meter fuel as precisely and accurately as possible. It allows the vehicle engine to easily kick start and easily accelerate to the required speed. RAPTOR delivers the accurate amount of fuel in relation to its demand. The well-conditioned RAPTOR fuel metering valve makes the operator’s or the driver’s life easier. However, often times RAPTOR malfunctions and causes serious problems that if not solved early may cause harm to the vehicle as well as the operator.

Raptor (Fuel Metering Valve) Repairing

Raptor (Fuel Metering Valve) Repairing

Some of the issues that commonly occur due to RAPTOR failure are jotted below:

  • Sputtering and breaking down of engine:

Sputtering of engine when one tries to kick start it or a sudden break down of engine during operation are the common issues that result from the malfunctioning of the Raptor fuel metering valve. Such a condition needs quick diagnoses and fast repair as its always embarrassing situation from the vehicle driver and also results in wastage of lot of precious time.

  • Intermittent acceleration and suspension:

Perfect and timely acceleration requires proper and precise flow of fuel/air mixture. A faulty raptor fuel metering valve hinders the flow of correct fuel/air mixture ratio to the engine. This delays the acceleration and prevents smooth operation of the engine. Such an issue may seem avoidable, however, it can badly affect other parts of the engine if not solved quickly.

  • Seismic effects:

Seismic effects are always dangerous. Equipment, cables, buildings etc are always designed to prevent them. Such seismic effects may attack vehicle as well. Such a jerk or vibration in vehicle is most often result from an out dated or broken raptor fuel metering valve. A faulty raptor valve supply improper fuel mixture in inaccurate quantity to the engine and as a result engine vibrates and the whole vehicle jerks.

  • Engine Productivity:

As the fuel requirement per mileage increases, the engine becomes inefficient. An inefficient engine not only causes economic disadvantage to the owner but it also starts eating up operator’s precious time as it affects the engine speed. Such an inefficient and less productive engine is always the consequence of a defective raptor fuel metering valve.

  • Irregular Idling:

The idling of engine is affected by the faulty Raptor fuel metering valve. There are chances of engine damage as a result of very low or very high idling. In order to protect the engine and to avoid engines or its accessories damage, the Raptor fuel metering valve must be repaired.

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