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Symptoms Of Faulty Raptor Fuel Metering Valve

Faulty Raptor Fuel Metering Valve

Among various amazing fuel metering valves, Caterpillar Raptor Mass Flow Meter or the Raptor Fuel Metering Valve is an unbeatable one. It is distinguished among the others because of its durability, accuracy and reliability. It is utilized to regulate the flow of fuel inside an engine.

Faulty Raptor Fuel Metering Valve

Faulty Raptor Fuel Metering Valve

This is a highly important function as an appropriate amount of fuel is required to keep the engine running smoothly and flawlessly. However, a machine can never run uninterrupted forever. After few years, each machine starts showing symptoms of some underlying problems. Same is the case with Raptor Fuel Metering Valve. When it needs repairing, it begins to display some abnormal behavior. Some common symptoms of defect in Raptor Fuel Metering Valve are:

  • Vibrations Or Jerks:

When the Raptor Fuel Metering Valve is out of order, it will not supply fuel in correct amount to the engine. It will create vibrations in the engine, these vibrations are sometimes so powerful that it makes the whole vehicle vibrate too. It is a quite uncomfortable situation as it can give jerks to the passengers sitting in the car.

  • Inefficient Engine:

Irregular supply of fuel makes engine less powerful and inefficient in its functioning. It’s a strong sign of any fault in the Raptor Fuel Metering Valve. When the engine’s efficiency is affected, it begins taking long time to start. Its speed is also affected which makes driving boring and lengthy.

  • Irregular Idling:

If the CAT Raptor Fuel Metering Valve is defected it also affects the idling of an engine. A user may witness very low or very high idling. Both the conditions are harmful for the engine as the can damage it internally. Hence, this problem needs to be repaired as early as possible to avoid more harm to the engine.

  • Delay On Acceleration:

There could be hundreds of reasons for stalling of vehicle while accelerating and defective Raptor Fuel Metering Valve is one of them. When correct ratio of fuel/air mixture does not reach the engine, it takes time to accelerate due to reduced power. This condition is quite difficult and bothersome as it makes people wait for hours and prevent them to meet their schedule. Nobody likes to become late and to avoid these unwanted delays, the Raptor Fuel Metering Valve must get repaired soon.

  • Engine Halts Often:

Another symptom that indicates the defect in the Raptor Fuel Metering Valve is the frequent stopping of engine. It is a quite annoying and embarrassing condition which requires immediate repairing. No one likes to strand in the middle of the road when engine suddenly stops. This, mostly occurs when the engine receives low quantity of fuel due to faulty Raptor Fuel Metering valve.

All these symptoms suggest that there is some underlying problem within the Raptor Fuel Metering Valve or Mass Flow Meter. If it is not repaired on time, it can get further damaged and eventually stops the engine completely. Thus, the help of professional mechanic is required to repair it rapidly.

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