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Throttle Repairing

Throttle repairing service

What is throttle?

Throttle is one of the most significant parts of any engine body. It’s basically a valve that adjusts the flow of air-fuel mixture going in the engine through injector. All the gasoline operated engines consist of this throttle body. Most of the vehicles and generators have the throttle body fitted in between the air filter and the consumption manifold. Automobile engine uses a connecting cable or throttle cable to connect throttle body with the throttle pedal also known as gas pedal. This connection makes it possible for the throttle to operate in accordance with the direction being given by the driver through the pedal. As the pedal being pushed more, more fuel enters the chamber and vice versa.

Now a days, with the advancement of technology, a lot many different types of throttle bodies are used in myriad vehicles. ‘Performance Throttle Body’ is one of the most renowned, preferred and useful throttle body in use today.

While throttle is one of the most useful device in any automobile that significantly enhances the engine performance, it often comes across sudden, unexpected, nuisance faults that,if not handled properly and on time, may badly affect the engine.

Throttle repairing service

Throttle repairing service

Most common faults that occur in throttle body:

Throttle function may fail due to following reasons:

Dirt Accumulation and Carbon Deposits:

The building up of dirt and the deposition of carbon inside throttle body is very common. With the passage of time and as the throttle ages, carbon starts to deposit on it inside wall surface. Dirt also makes its way and accumulates on the inner surface. This sticking of carbon and dirt, makes the surface uneven and thus hinder the smooth flow of mixture through throttle body.

Connection Problem:

Throttle body also consists of a sensor that senses the position of pedal and accordingly make the amount of mixture to flow. Any problem in the electrical connection causes the wrong information to be transmitted and thus causes inaccurate operation of throttle.

Vacuum Leaks:

Vacuum leaks often result in unbalancing of air flow that creates the pressure problems in throttle body. This disrupts the flow of mixture.

Munfarid Engineering Repairing Service:

We, at Munfarid Engineering Service, provides solutions to all the throttle related problems. Whether it’s a dirt accumulation or a vacuum leak, electrical connection problem or a problem with sensor; we are adept in examining the engine and clearing the fault in minimum possible time.

We provide major tune up, air induction service, fuel injection flush etc. In our air induction service, we clean up the inner surface of throttle body and removes any carbon or dirt deposits thus smoothen the mixture flow and prolongs the throttle life. Our technicians skilled with electrical connectivity, checks the electrical code in computer, replaces any faulty throttle cables, detects and corrects the sensor faults and makes the electrical connection as reliable as it should be. The problems like vacuum leaks or incorrectly adjusted throttle stop are also easy catered by our skilled team of professionals and technicians.

So, if you are having any issue with your car operation or performance, contact us and we will be there to assist you with our trained team and high quality tools.


  1. Matloob Hussain : July 8, 2018 at 9:52 am

    My Mitsubishi lancer 2005 throttle body increase idle speed. What will cost to repairs.

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