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Operations & Maintenance

Our Story

Munfarid Engineering Services has been providing reliable and effective operation and maintenance services in Pakistan from the beginning. Our operation and maintenance (O&M) service is specifically available for major power plants throughout Pakistan. Additionally, we also provide this service for other power supplying equipment and machines like generators etc. We are experts in repairing and operating CAT Generators. Our experienced and hardworking team of technicians can control and regulating electronic machines efficiently.

Munfarid Engineering Services is one of the leading operation and maintenance (O&M) service provider in Pakistan. We believe that to improve the electricity production, power plants and generators need to be operated and regulated under the supervision of qualified technicians. This believe lead us to hire highly talented and experienced technicians who can complete their tasks accurately in time. Our team of experts is trained to monitor and regulate the quantity and quality of fuel, amount and quality of water, chemicals and oil quality, rusting prevention’s and parts of generators. Our technicians can also suggest machines modification whenever required. They are also fully aware of the safety standards and can help in maintaining them while generating power.

We provide operation and maintenance services to our valuable clients on yearly basis. Throughout the year our dedicated technicians carefully monitor and analyze the generators and machines and ensure that they always run smoothly. In case of any fault in the machines, our technicians tend to repair it immediately which helps in preventing further damage to the equipment. The continuous and non-stop distribution of power is also assured by our technicians.

What We Offer:

Munfarid Engineering is well-known electronic machines repairing company that has numerous regular customers. The operation and maintenance (O&M) services provided by Munfarid Engineering are beneficial to have because:

  • They are cost effective.
  • Best performance is guaranteed.
  • Maintenance of power plant and generators is done effectively.
  • Plants are operated efficiently and smoothly.
  • Around the clock availability of power is guaranteed.
  • Durability of plant life is achieved.
  • Improvements in production are achieved.
  • Safety standards are maintained.
  • All defects or faults are repaired instantly.
  • Usage of fine quality oil and chemicals are guaranteed.
  • Load management is assured.
  • Switch-gear maintenance and management is also provided.
  • Environment health is considered for all operations.
  • Computerized management is also provided.

The Munfarid Engineering possesses latest and advanced tools, testing instruments and labs that makes the fixing easy, fast and convenient. We own best technology with skilled technicians that lead to remarkable repairing service that is quick and reliable. Therefore, any kind of faults or damages can be fixed effectively along with our operation and maintenance service. Our talented team of engineers and technicians put all their efforts to give the best to our worthy customers. These efforts and hard work is apparent in our services and always appreciated by our consumers.